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This is a first Blog for me and its a first of many, I hope. I would like to introduce myself here a bit first.

I retired a year ago and my life just begun. I am a bit eclectic, one would say, in fact, I cannot sit still and have fingers in many pies all at once. I used to be an office admin and and I also worked in a library I blame them for my lifestyle. In the library I was absorbing everything I could read and got ideas from the members, who used to encourage me in their projects I also became very well read at that stage. As for my other job, the administration department of a big organisation, I learnt versatility, tact, diplomacy and above all patience. What I though was going to be a cushy office job turned out to be anything but that. I learnt how to make time stand still so I could finish my jobs on time, I learnt that an administration office does everything, and everyone relies on you for everything. I learnt to handle people, have enough stationary supplies for a very large organisation which demand a lot on a small budget, I learnt to write letters tactfully, but accurately, and also how to liaise with the public too. I also made very good and lasting friendships, which to this day, have survived the test of time.

Nowadays, the only thing I admin is a facebook group with over 7000 members. The group is called Free Jewellery Tutorials and gets about 20 new members a day. There are other admins and an owner in this group, but they seem to have disappeared over time and rarely make an appearance. So, as you can guess, by now one of my hobbies is making jewellery, wire wrapped jewellery to be precise this method, for those who are not familiar with it uses fine wires, usually copper, silver or gold, and you wrap them around each other to form the pieces, which require no soldering.

I also like crochet, knitting, embroidery, and have tried my hand in painting, spinning, writing, making bath bombs and anything else that can be made. I have written computer programs done diplomas in Lifecoaching, Stress Consultancy, NLP, Python, environmental studies and love reading.

Everybody starts somewhere, that is my favourite saying. So I am taking the oppurtunity to start something new today a Blog. Apart from the introduction this blog is probably going to be as eclectic as I am, touching on my favourite subjects and pet hates as they occur in my everyday life.

I am going to leave you today with a photo of the crochet roses I finished yesterday. If anyone is interested they are a combination of two patterns one is one you tube by She’s Crafty, that made me the petals and the leaves and sepals are by Happy Patty Crochet. Going to have to make a few more to get a small bouquet at least.